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Amy Acker loves her day job.

There’s never a dull moment on the set of Person of Interest, the intense-surveillance vigilante thriller that airs at 9 p.m. Tuesdays on CBS (Channel 11).

But Acker, a Dallas native and Southern Methodist University graduate (Class of ’99), recently found herself yearning to do something completely different.

Maybe a love story. “Not a whole lot of romantic comedy vibe to Person of Interest,” she notes.

That’s what drew Acker to A Novel Romance, a Hallmark Channel movie that premieres at 8 p.m. Saturday. “I love a good romantic comedy,” she says. “I guess I am a sucker for romance in general.”

Acker plays a book critic who meets the guy who could be her Mr. Right. The possible snag to the relationship is the secret he’s keeping: He’s a superstar romance novelist hiding behind a pen name — and she panned his latest book.

Such are the problems that threaten to keep people apart in romance flicks. Don’t worry; it will all work out in the end.

“I thought the script was cute,” Acker says. “And nice that no one gets killed!”

How much fun was it to be the leading lady in a romantic comedy?
There is a certain magical element to it. I kept looking at Dylan Bruce and thinking this guy is too handsome. He’d never fall for me! But that is another great part about acting. Somehow it becomes believable in the story, hopefully, and you get to root for the happily ever after.

If you were an author writing books under a pseudonym, what might your pen name be?
Isn’t there a formula? Like, the street you grew up on and your first pet’s name? So that would be Rudy Hilldale — or I guess that’s your name for something else.

People always think my name is made up already. I think they hear Amy Actor instead of Amy Acker. It’s really close. I also talk super quiet, so maybe they just don’t hear me. But it is my real name.

On Person of Interest, when you immerse yourself in its Artificial Intelligence, Big Brother Is Watching premise, does it ever mess with your head? Does it make you paranoid about personal privacy issues? Do you start noticing that cameras and recording devices are everywhere?
It definitely has raised my awareness. I feel like there is so much in the news right now that pertains to our show. We started out as a science fiction show and then, as information about the NSA was released, it became more of a reality show for a minute.

Our writers now have these two super AIs at war with each other — and I start to get nervous about how much of this could become reality as we continue the race to develop AIs without really knowing the end result.”

Even though you don’t live in Dallas any more, how Texan are you to this day?
My parents still live in Dallas. Being from Texas feels like you are in this cool club. Wherever we are, whoever I am working with, when I find out someone is from Texas, it’s an instant comfort.

I crave Tex-Mex every day. And I dream about Whataburger — the only burger I like mustard on and always the first stop when we land on the way home from the airport.

And [co-star] Jim Caviezel’s brother-in-law is Scott Linehan [passing game coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys]. So there is always lots of Cowboys talk on set at Person of Interest.

David Martindale is an Arlington freelance writer.

A Novel Romance
8 tonight, Hallmark Channel. 2 hrs.

Person of Interest
9 p.m. Tuesday. CBS (Channel 11). 1 hr.


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