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Creating a Safe Workplace for Your Employees.

Would you be fine to work in a place full of hazards? It would not be nice to work in a place that is full of cautions. Even your employees to would not like to work in such a place too. Being the boss; you have the responsibility of keeping your employees safe. This is one way of ensuring that they increase in productivity. When filed with fear, they can increase in productivity. The four strategies discussed here will help you create a safe work place.
Start by creating a positive reinforcement for your employees. This is a psychological approach that involve rewarding good behaviors. It might take you as surprise that you have to reward good behavior yet the employees are supposed to work with the set rules of the workplace. Imagine of you kid or pet, even if you have set rules, they will be happy if you reward them for any action. As such, they will repeat the action to get more rewards. Being psychological, the workers will do more of what earns them a reward. Instead of only attending to punishment of the wrongs things done, give more rewards to the right actions done. The positive reinforcement is effective in removing fear of punishment an bringing the desire to be rewarded.

Ensure that you have an efficient security system in place. This should include security cameras, alarm system and security button at the working station and a reporting channel. This helps the employee to feel that they are secure in the workplace. Also ensure that there are fire extinguishes in place and an exit system should an accident happen. There should be a system for calling help in case of aggressive customer s and verbally abusive customers.

The workers should be trained on the safety and health practices in their workplace. The training should be tailored to cover the possible risk on their job. Suppose your business involves physical handling of goods, you would not wish to see your employee being injured as they lift heavy boxes. Take them through the one online safety courses to reduce incidences of accidents in the workplaces.

Establish an atmosphere of kindness in your workplace. The emotional safety of the worker is a great contributor to their happiness. When you create an atmosphere of kindness, the employee will trust you to solve some of other personal issues related to work or other life aspects. If they can seek support from you, be sure they are confident and feel safe. Emotional insecurity will result in an all-time low productivity. Make sure that your employee have a sound financial security system in a place.