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Why You Should Do An Indoor Air Quality Check For Your Home

The knowledge that the interior of homes sometimes hold the most impurities in comparison to the outside, is not available to most people even those who claim to be environmentally conscious. Most of us are busy making sure the air outside is pure enough not to harm them while forgetting their homes. It would be a tragedy when you develop complications from the polluted air in your home when you have managed to resist illnesses from a filthy external environment. With the awareness campaigns on the need to have air purity within your house, many people are wondering what show that your home needs to have a quality check. The funny thing about the signs that your indoors need an air quality check is obvious, but we rarely notice them.

The presence of mold or any other fungi in your home is a sure sign that your home needs a check. If your home has any form of dampness, it is very likely that mold or other fungi will grow. Mold sometimes releases mycotoxins to the environment that are known to cause toxins. When you notice mold, carry out an air quality check so that you can take the necessary in ensuring that your home is mold-free.

A majority of old homes have contamination of asbestos in the air. Research has found that the old pipes and cement in old homes emits asbestos. You can get cancer from asbestos inhalation.

If you use gas as fuel in your home then that is another reason for having your air quality checked. The reason for this is that the gas, at times, leaks. The gas leakages occur in negligible amounts that easily go unnoticed. When we inhale combustible gas, the cumulative effect is that we develop some respiratory tract problems.

Radon is radioactive chemical that has to be found to be airborne in homes. The source of Radon is not so clear, but it is at times found inside homes. It is a carcinogenic material and causes lung cancer in most nonsmokers who inhale. You cannot say for a fact that the air in your home is free of any radiation. So to be safe it is highly advisable to have regular air-quality checks to ascertain your interior is safe.

The process of discovering all the possible hazardous material that is airborne within your home, is ongoing. You may be the place that these discoveries are made. Do not be deceived by the freshness of the air in your home when you are done with cleaning, you need an air quality check to know for sure if your air is safe to breathe in. Be vigilant and you may save yourself the agony of some serious diseases.